My name is Oxy, I am the mother of an amazing young lady and my place of residence is Strakonice. I also have my fully furnished studio here. Photography has been my love since I was a child. My experiences from the first development of photos are so unforgettable that even today almost every detail comes to mind. My love for photography escalated with the birth of my daughter, when I wanted to capture every important moment. I have always been fascinated by the moment when I can capture unique and unrepeatable moments.

In 2013, I fulfilled my big dream and bought my first DSLR camera, and the daily adventure began in order to capture all the memories  and emotions. Gradually, I started taking pictures of my friends, their friends, and I would love to be your family photographer.

I would like to take pictures of your children, the period of pregnancy, a newborn baby, an older baby, just the whole family, with feeling and patience. I am not in a hurry for photo shoots with kids. I am doing my best to make you feel good and relaxed and the photo shoot was fun for us.

I take photos either in my photo studio in Strakonice, where I use a bright space with plenty of daylight. Or I take pictures outside in nature, later in the sunset. I take photos indoors and outdoors, but children are happiest outside and more natural.

I love traveling, I love active holidays, long trips to nearby monuments or interesting places, discovering the authentic landscape and its inhabitants.

I am still on the path of self-improvement, I follow new trends and techniques. I attended several workshops and courses. I am constantly trying to educate, working on new trends in newborn photography. I am constantly buying new props for your babies and trying to keep up with the latest trends. For me, photography is not just an "from-to" job. Basically, I take pictures all the time.

If you like my photos, do not hesitate to contact me. Certainly sooner than later, my order deadlines are longer. I spend a lot of time taking photos, not only taking photos, but also editing photos and also inventing something new for everyone who comes to me for a photo shoot. I really enjoy this job, I found myself in it and I really put my heart into it. I like naturalness, simplicity and I hope you can see this from my photos.